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By Cecelia Verderosa June 22, 2016
If you're a parent on Staten Island, you most likely have heard of Patrick Rafferty (Music with Patrick) and his Rock-a-Silly band! Maybe from their annual Summer sing along at the Greenbelt Nature Center (coming up 7/29 @1pm- Mark your calendars!!), perhaps Westerleigh Folk Festival (9/24-Mark it!) and the Staten Island Zoo events with the Easter Bunny and Chuck, our trusty groundhog?

Wherever it be that you have seen them, sang along with them or danced with this playful band of friends on Staten Island or in it's neighboring boroughs, you can't help but feel HAPPY!

April 2016 the Rock-a-Silly's released their new album Let's Get Silly with tracks about veggies, sneezing and pure silliness! If the catchy tunes weren't enough for the littles in the backseat, the silly bandmate banter will certainly get you chuckling! It's a feel-good album with pure musical talent.

Don't believe me? Give a listen here.

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